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Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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As I create this article, it’s a picture-perfect sunny day in Indianapolis. However, as summer draws to a close, the anticipation of fall excites some. Others desperately cling to the warmth of the season. A recent study delved into American cities to identify the ideal and less ideal destinations for summer enthusiasts. The review considered key factors like the frequency of sunny days, beachfront mileage, and the average October temperature.

Aerial Columbus Ohio with bright blue sky with clouds and bridge over Scioto river

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The worst cities for sun seekers?

The not-so-sunny cities include Columbus, Indianapolis, and Louisville. Joining them on this list are Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit, where sun worshipers might find their enthusiasm challenged.

View of Whitehall Terminal, a ferry terminal used by the Staten Island Ferry in New York

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The worst cities for summer sun ranked like this:

  1. 1.Columbus

    2. Indianapolis

    3. Louisville

    4. Philidelphia

    5. Chicago

    6. Detroit

    7. Milwaukee

    8. Portland

    9. Seattle

    10. New York City

Trump Tower

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The best cities to Soak up the Sun?

While Florida may be renowned as the haven for snowbirds, the report highlights numerous other states and cities where summer seems to linger indefinitely. The top-ranked city for sun worshipers is Las Vegas, followed closely by Tucson, Virginia Beach, El Paso, and Phoenix.

Downtown Tampa Florida under blue skies

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The best cities for summer ranked like this:

    1. Las Vegas
    2. Tuscan
    3. Virgina beach
    4. El Paso
    5. Phoenix
    6. Mesa
    7. San Deigo
    8. Sacramento
    9. Long Beach
    10. Tampa

To figure out which cities would keep the sweet days of summer going longer, Bid on Equipment considered these key variables:

  • Miles of beach per 100,000 residents
  • Percentage of sunny days per year
  • Number of parks per 10,000 residents
  • Average temperature in October