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President Biden

Source: Photo: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Biden is reportedly worried that he will not live to see Hunter’s legal issues resolved as the Biden family thinks the situation may become worse before it gets better.

Hunter Biden was indicted on three federal gun charges last week in Delaware. It is the first time in American history a sitting president’s child has been charged with a crime. If found guilty he could be facing up to 25 years in federal prison.

According to NBC News, both President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are “resigned to the fact that Hunter’s legal problems will likely worsen in the months ahead.”

An inside source who is close to the first family told the outlet that Biden “lamented out loud” that he “might be dead before his son’s case would be resolved.”

Biden is 80 years old. Polls show voters are concerned that he is too old for four more years in office. On top of that, some Democrats have also expressed concern.

“He is in a period of his life where passing and death is imminent,” Sharon Sweda, the leader of the Democratic Party in Lorain County in Ohio, told The Washington Post. “We are all on a ticking clock. But when you’re at his age or at Trump’s age, that clock is ticking a little faster, and that’s a concern for voters.”

Aside from the age issue, Some of Biden’s aides are concerned that Hunter’s legal troubles could divide the president’s attention when he needs to focus on running the country and campaigning for re-election.