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Indy Street Repairs

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INDIANAPOLIS — The Department of Public Works in Indianapolis has received a green signal from the City-County Council to grant $25 million for the repair and redesign of residential streets across different neighborhoods in the city.


The funds will be utilized to fix problems like potholes and crumbling roads that have been causing inconvenience to the residents. It is important to note that only the secondary streets will be repaired using last year’s leftover funds, not the main thoroughfares.


“Coming out of COVID, this administration and this council was able to set aside $25 million for, I believe, the second or third year in a row to go to residential streets, which in the history of this city, has never happened,” said Dan Boots, Indianapolis City-County Council, District 3.


A resident raised concerns regarding the possibility of misusing funds due to the lack of oversight in the general fund. Larry Vaughn suggested that the City-County Council appoint a public work commissioner.


“The commissioner will be in place to receive the dollars when they’re appropriated by this council so that they will not go in the general fund and be available to any chief executive.”


Councillor La Keisha Jackson says some roads in Indianapolis haven’t been touched in 30-40 years.


“I’m pretty sure this money will go to where it was designed to go,” she added. “We have residents that have thanked us for prioritizing them.”