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Women at Festival of Faiths

Source: JustServe

Festival of Faiths Helps Victims of Domestic Violence Victims in Indiana

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind.–Victims of domestic violence need support. One organization says they provided that in Indiana over the weekend.

Domestic violence survivors were given “welcome bags” at the Festival of Faiths on Sunday. The project was hosted by JustServe, a volunteer matching program in Indiana. For this project, JustServe partnered with Sheltering Wings, a nonprofit organization in Hendricks County that helps people who have been hurt by domestic violence.

“My goodness, this project is so impactful and it’s going to change the lives of our survivors at Sheltering Wings. So often survivors come in with the clothes on their backs and some kiddos. And so these welcome bags that have toothpaste, shampoo, hygiene products, that’s just a weight off the shoulders of our survivors. It’s one less thing they have to worry about. It shows that the community cares,” said Jenna Harris, Communication and Annual Giving Officer at Sheltering Wings.

She says organizations of different faiths came together to meet their goals. Harris says participation in this year’s event was “record-breaking.”