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Fever Donate Money to Ascension St. Vincent

Source: Ascension St. Vincent

INDIANAPOLIS–The Indiana Fever made a donation to Ascension St. Vincent that is meant to give women a free mammogram.

The donation made Tuesday was for $10,000. It will help pay for the Ascension St. Vincent Mobile Mammography Unit.

“It really means a lot that we’ll be able to continue to see women who don’t have insurance and who wouldn’t get a mammogram if the mobile unit wasn’t available and had this funding,” said Karen Terrell, Outreach and Education Coordinator at Ascension St. Vincent Cancer Care Services.

Julie Schneiders, Vice President of Women’s Services at Ascension St. Vincent, says this donation from the Fever goes right with their mission of serving the poor and vulnerable.

“Women again, a lot of times put their own healthcare last, they take care of everybody else in their family, and then there’s nothing left for them. So this is a prime example of the Fever helping us help women so that we can provide services for them at any time that they need,” said Schneiders.

The Fever and Ascension St. Vincent have a partnership to promote breast health with a special Breast Health Awareness themed game night on August 27, 2023. On that night, the Fever play Atlanta. The hospital will share information about breast health services, women’s health education and the Fever will highlight 25+ Ascension St. Vincent breast cancer survivors in a special halftime Survivors Parade.