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Todd Young

Source: (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Senator Todd Young has not committed to supporting a republican candidate for president, despite some Hoosier republicans already backing former Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Young has already promised to not support former president Donald Trump. “I have joined a growing number of conservative Americans who think it’s time to move on,” said Young in an interview with WISH-TV. The Indiana Senator said he would not support Trump not long after the former President announced he was running again.

When it comes to Mike Pence, Young sees some potential. “I think that Vice President Pence would restore a lot of dignity, respect for the constitution of the United States, and a lot of trust in the Oval Office,” said Young. He also made it clear to WISH-TV that he’s still considering who he would support as a potential republican nominee.

Young says he wants to make sure whoever winds up representing the Republican party is someone who can beat Joe Biden.