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Former President Donald Trump is the current frontrunner in Iowa. He is followed by Ron DeSantis, then Tim Scott.

Yes, Senator Scott is third in polling in Iowa. According to a survey of Iowa Republicans by Fox Business, Trump leads by 30 points.

Here are the full numbers: 46% of likely GOP caucus-goers back Trump, putting him in a category all his own. There is a steep drop off to the next tier. Ron DeSantis at 16% and Tim Scott is at 11%.

From there, it’s Vivek Ramaswamy at 6%, Nikki Haley at 5%, Mike Pence at 4%, and Chris Christie and Doug Burgum at 3% each. Asa Hutchinson and Francis Suarez receive 1% apiece, while Larry Elder and Will Hurd get less than 1% each.

If you are not backing Trump, then you would be happy to know that polls are not always correct. It is no surprise that Trump and DeSantis are leading the charge. The story here is Scott being in third.

Even after his horrendous answer to Tucker Carlson he is still in third.

So far in the primary Trump is having his way. He is crushing it in the polls. DeSantis has slipped, while Scott has risen. The first debate of the GOP Primary is set for August 23, in Milwaukee. Vivek Ramaswamy recently qualified to be on the debate stage.

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