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Democrats have fully embraced a pro censorship mentality. If you do not agree with them, then you do not deserve to be heard.

After a congressional hearing on Thursday featuring Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the New York Times was heavily criticized for saying he “raised thorny questions” about whether misinformation is protected by free speech.

RFK appeared at the hearing to discuss how the Trump and Biden administrations made efforts to censor him during the COVID pandemic, with social media companies banning his accounts.

During the hearing, House Democrats tried unsuccessfully to remove Kennedy from the hearing. This led him to say, “This is an attempt to censor a censorship hearing.”

The New York Times had Sheryl Gay Stolberg cover the hearing, “Despite the theater, the hearing raised thorny questions about free speech in a democratic society: Is misinformation protected by the First Amendment? When is it appropriate for the federal government to seek to tamp down the spread of falsehood?” she wrote Thursday. This is clearly pro the Democratic lawmakers’ stance.

Her writing has received backlash. Multiple publications and hosts have responded to Stolberg’s disregard for the people’s right to free speech. Tony Katz was one of the hosts who responded to her. To hear his thoughts on the Left’s lack of respect for free speech, click the link below.