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Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a lifelong Democrat, has officially changed his party to Republican.

He did this on Thursday morning with his wife. He posted a video on Twitter fully explaining why he decided to switch to the Republican Party.

In the video, there is one quote of his that sticks out. Hikind said, “The Democratic Party, turns its back on it friends, like Israel, the Biden Administration right now in policy after policy. I’m just tired. I’ve had enough.”

Hikind is also the founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, a group that fights to stop anti-Jewish prejudice in the media and anti-Jewish violence in society. He has endorsed Republican candidates before. He endorsed Donald Trump in 2020, because of Trump’s work to help Jews and Israel.

This decision ultimately comes down to how the Democratic Party treats people. They simply do not support people that disagree with them on any level. In Hikind’s video he highlights how radical the party has become. “Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has become so radicalized … that people who are moderates or conservative Democrats are not welcomed in the Democratic Party … and I’ve had enough.”

During 2023 we have seen multiple Democrats flip parties. In March and April, we saw four flip parties in support of the GOP. The one similarity they have is the way they speak on how the Democratic Party treated them.

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