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Fox News Host Jesse Watters Headshot.

Source: Photo: Fox News

Fox’s new primetime lineup was rolled out on Monday night, and to put it nicely, the ratings were not great.

Chadwick Moore reported that there was a panic amongst Fox’s executives. In a tweet, he highlighted some of the ratings saying, “Hannity lost to MSNBC’s Maddow and the 8:00 show only pulled in 149,000 from the key demographic. (Tucker routinely got at least 400k).”

The former lead writer for the “Tucker Carlson Show,” Gregg Re, chimed in on the ratings as well. He broke down the ratings tweeting, ““Final ratings numbers are in from Fox’s big primetime ‘relaunch/reshuffle.’” He compared and contrasted the Tucker Carlson numbers, including DVR viewings, with the new lineup. “@JesseBWatters managed just 161,000 viewers in the key 25-54 y/o demographic (Tucker often had [average] 400k). Jesse somehow lost demo viewers after Laura Ingraham, who scored 162,000.” And then the crushing news came that “Hannity cratered at 150,000 demo viewers — roughly 50,000 lower than [Rachel] Maddow.” This is concerning. MSNBC had better ratings than Hannity. Re concluded his tweet asking if these were “The Wrong Hosts at the Wrong Times.”

Despite the rough start to Jesse Watters hosting in primetime, there is no reason for Fox to panic. We are talking about ratings from the first show. You have to give Watters time to develop the show.

People did not like that he called his mom. I would be willing to bet that will not happen again. Even if people liked it, it probably would not happen again. Fox has hired people to develop and enhance the talent that they have hired. If they do their jobs, then they will be fine.

Once again, there is no reason for the people at Fox to panic. They have to give Watters time to develop his show.

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