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Bills in high denominations

Source: PHOTO: Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

STATEWIDE — Indiana will receive more than 800-million-dollars in federal funding for expanding high-speed Internet funding.

The money, totaling an exact $868,109,929.79, comes from the broadband access program built into the Infrastructure Act. The program is run through the United States Department of Commerce’s telecommunications wing, which had just over 42-billion-dollars to work with.

All 50 states received their share, which will be used to expand high-speed Internet access, coverage, and equity programs.

Indiana will have 180 days to submit it’s initial proposals for grant programs, with the option to start submitting plans as early as July 1st.

The Hoosier State already has local and state-level programs and Internet investment partnerships.

Last week, Mercury Broadband announced a 2-million-dollar investment into Crawfordsville. That investment will expand Internet coverage for 17,000 Hoosiers and create 30 to 50 new jobs to keep the new broadband facility operating.