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Aerial view of suburban neighborhood

Source: Michael Godek / Getty

Indianapolis has emerged as a hub of safety and affordability, with three of the top five safest communities in the nation located in its suburbs.

According to a recent study by SmartAsset,  the suburbs of Carmel, Fishers, and Noblesville in Hamilton County ranked among the best in terms of safety and affordability.

Out of the top ten safest suburbs in the United States, Carmel and Fishers secured the second and fourth positions.  Noblesville claimed the fifth spot. These suburbs were commended for their low rates of violent and property crimes. They were also acknowledged for their impressive safety records on the road.

Fountain at Carmel Indiana in November 2015

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Additionally, these suburbs were recognized for their affordability. In fact, four Indiana suburbs made that list—Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, and Brownsburg—they were among the top ten most affordable suburbs. The housing costs in these areas were reported to be less than 17.5% of the median household income.

Carmel, in particular, stood out with its low crime rate and attractive housing costs. Carmel had the 23rd-lowest crime rate overall. Fishers also excelled in terms of safety, boasting a low vehicle mortality rate and a lower-than-average rate of violent crime.

Aerial view of suburban neighborhood

Source: Michael Godek / Getty

Noblesville received praise for its road safety, with its location within Hamilton County contributing to a low vehicle mortality rate. The city also had a property crime rate lower than more than 90% of the suburbs evaluated.

The study selected 370 communities within a 15 to 45-minute car ride from the 100 largest U.S. cities.

The Top 10 safest suburbs in the U.S.

  1. Great Falls, Virginia
  2. Carmel, Indiana
  3. Bethesda, Maryland
  4. Fishers, Indiana
  5. Noblesville, Indiana
  6. Lehi, Utah
  7. Fort Bliss, Texas
  8. Frisco, Texas
  9. Dacula, Georgia
  10. Castle Rock, Colorado