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As Father’s Day approaches on Sunday, June 18, it’s important to recognize the unique challenges that single fathers face and the cities that offer them the best support systems. To shed light on this, LawnStarter has released its list of the Best Cities for Single Dads to Live in 2023.

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The rankings were based on six key categories, including Affordability and Work-Life Balance, and took into account factors such as child care costs, public school quality, and support programs.

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Topping the list is Bellevue, Washington, which despite having a small population of single dads, provides an exceptional environment for them. Close behind are Irvine, California, and Naperville, Illinois, both offering affordability, quality childcare, and a nurturing community. California cities like Fremont, Sunnyvale, and Roseville also made the top 10, showcasing the state’s commitment to single fathers.

 Best Cities for Single Dads to Live
Rank City
1 Bellevue, WA
2 Irvine, CA
3 Naperville, IL
4 Fremont, CA
5 Sunnyvale, CA
6 Roseville, CA
7 San Francisco, CA
8 Seattle, WA
9 Portland, OR
10 Boston, MA

Unfortunately, not all cities fared as well. Brownsville and Killeen in Texas, along with Detroit, Michigan, ranked at the bottom of the list. These cities struggled with affordability, limited support programs, and inadequate access to quality education and healthcare.

Worst Cities for Single Dads to Live
Rank City
1 Brownsville, TX
2 Killeen, TX
3 Detroit, MI
4 Mesquite, TX
5 Laredo, TX
6 Memphis, TN
7 Hialeah, FL
8 Clarksville, TN
9 Pasadena, TX
10 (TIE)

10 (TIE)

Garland, TX

Port St. Lucie, FL

Where Does Indy rank?

Sorry single dads. Indianapolis does not fair well on the list based on the methodology. Indianapolis places at #172 out of 200. Indy scored low for single dads due to poor community support, childcare, health care, and especially home and outdoors environment. Also, Indianapolis received poor marks for work-life balance. However, the capital city was graded high for affordability.

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The ranking serves as a valuable resource for single fathers seeking supportive communities and comprehensive resources. You can lend a hand to single dads this Father’s Day, whether it’s through simple gestures like mowing their lawns or hiring professionals to give them more quality time with their children.