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Children's Business Fair

Source: Pence Media Group

INDIANAPOLIS–There was a Children’s Business Fair in Indianapolis over the weekend sponsored by the Acton Academy.

It was Saturday outside the College Park Ministry Center on West 96th Street in Indianapolis. About 75 kids learned what it was like to be entrepreneurs.

“Really the talent that came out and the hard work that went into each of these booths is really impressive. There have been some delicious baked goods. I’ve had the best cake pop I’ve ever had in my entire life,” said Liz Collar, the Acton Academy Head of School.

The children who took part in it attend different schools from across the Greater Indianapolis Area.

Saturday’s winners included:

-Highest Overall Score – Light Up Your Garden

-Age 5-7 Most Business Potential – Dream Bakery

-Age 5-7 Best Presentation – Crayon Melts

-Age 5-7 Most Creative Idea – Arya’s Plant Nursery

-Age 8-10 Most Business Potential – MVP Sewing

-Age 8-10 Best Presentation – Needle and Threads

-Age 8-10 Most Creative Idea – Spectacular Spinners

-Age 11-14 Most Business Potential – Girl U R Cute

-Age 11-14 Best Presentation – Paw-some Products

-Age 11-14 Most Creative Idea – Polly’s Cute Collection

This was the first year of this event. Collar hopes to have an even bigger turnout next year.