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Source: PHOTO: Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Last week, as Governor Eric Holcomb signed off on the state’s budget legislation, a bill was included that would change the name of the State Auditor to the State Comptroller starting on July 1. In a statement released on Friday by Indiana Auditor of State Tera Klutz, it was explained that the name change was necessary due to the confusion that the current title caused.

According to Klutz, there was a “frequent and logical misconception” that the State Auditor’s role was to audit the state, local government units, or individuals. However, the Auditor’s role was primarily to manage the state’s funds. The tasks commonly associated with the Auditor were managed by different departments in Indiana’s government.

Klutz explained that the name change to Comptroller would be a more accurate reflection of the role. The Comptroller is responsible for balancing the state’s checkbook, paying state employees, and distributing tax dollars. Klutz also clarified that the responsibilities of the office would remain the same, and all previous documents with the “Auditor” title would still be valid.

This change would bring Indiana in line with 19 other states that refer to their chief financial officer as the State Comptroller or Comptroller.