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Anthony Richardson Indianapolis Colts

Source: Indianapolis Colts / Indianapolis Colts

INDIANAPOLIS — Rookie mini-camp is all systems go, and for the Indianapolis Colts, that means it’s time to get their new star quarterback on the field.

“The biggest challenge, I would say, is the timing of it (learning process). Trying not to rush into it and get too far ahead,” says new Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson.

Talking to reporters Saturday, Richardson says right now everything is about familiarity and getting comfortable with the transition from Florida Gator to Indianapolis Colt. He says everything is different, from the footballs to the playbook, but different, in Richardson’s mind, is good.

“It’s different but it feels good,” Richardson said Saturday, “you know, I’m excited. I’ve just been all smiles. I’m grateful to be here.”

The learning process and training regimen for most rookies is a matter of taking in waves of information – something Richardson has done quite well, says Indianapolis Colts head coach Shane Steichen, “yeah I think all guys are different, but he’s been tremendous so far. He’s done a nice job at taking in the information we’ve given him.”

Steichen brings 13 years of coaching experience to Indianapolis. During his two seasons as offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, Steichen put together an offense that ranked first in the NFL in rushing yards per game, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.

But before Steichen finds the formula to put wins on the board this season, he’ll have to find out what kind of rookies he has to work with.

“Some guys are audio learners, some guys are rep learners, some guys are visual learners. That’s our job as coaches – to figure that out.”

The Indianapolis Colts released quarterback Nick Foles this week, who only played three games for the team during last year’s 4-12-1 season.