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Guy Relford, “The Gun Guy,” joined the show to talk about the mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee Monday at a private Christian elementary school. The shooter killed three 9 year-old students, and 3 school faculty/staff members.

It did not take long for the horrific shooting to turn political, especially on the left. An activist even stepped-up unprompted to the media after the initial press conference to demand gun control from the federal level.

Guy Relford, 2A attorney, says these kinds of comments are not rooted in logic.

“The underlying assumption of this person‘s comments are that if we ban a certain class of firearms, that school shootings or mass shootings in general will stop… We had an assault weapon ban from ‘94-‘04 and the Institute of justice, part of the Department of Justice, did a study and said that its effect on overall gun crime and overall homicides with firearms was so de minimis, so negligible, that it was too small to measure…It’s naïve. It’s silly…They’re just trying to use a tragedy to advance a political agenda.”

Relford went on to say that bringing back the assault rifle ban will not be the magic wand to fix this problem. He also noted that one of the deadliest school shootings in our history, Virginia Tech, was committed with just two hand pistols.

Instead, the attorney believes we should look at how to prevent these tragedies by making schools safer.

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