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Tyre Nichols protest in Chicago

J. Phillip Clay from Project 21 and the Indiana Republican Diversity Leadership Series sat down with Rob and Casey to discuss his new editorial regarding the lack of outrage on black-on-black crime following the beating and killing of Tyre Nichols in Memphis.

Footage of the beating was released showing Nichols getting shoved to the ground, beaten, pepper-sprayed and stun gunned by a group of police officers, all of whom were black. Nichols died three days later from the wounds he sustained during what the police department initially called a “confrontation”.

As a result of the incident, the topic of police reform has been brought to the forefront.

In his piece, Clay expressed his frustration with community leaders who are vilifying police and seem indifferent to black-on-black crime.

“Why are “leaders in the community,” like Al Sharpton, not vocal about the children who are killed in black-on-black crime on a daily basis in places like Chicago? As these “leaders” continue to vilify police and cause tensions to rise, they set these communities – and the police who are sworn to protect them – back another step. After seeing the horrible Tyre Nichols footage, I ask: Was it racially motivated? White supremacy didn’t cause this. Bad cops doing a bad thing did.”

Clay also criticized media outlets like CNN who have pushed the narrative that police are racist.

“We see CNN and other media outlets race-baiting and inciting anger by saying police are racist. To the media, this situation cannot be simply tragic; there has to be a politically-motivated statement referring to “how racist policing is.”