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INDIANAPOLIS–You can expect to hear about thousands of people at the Indiana Statehouse Monday to rally for legislators not to ban abortion. In addition to a planned visit from vice Pres. Kamala Harris, the ACLU of Indiana says they and other organizations are planning to have speakers at that rally.

Organizations include Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates, and Women4Change Indiana

The rally is called “Bans Off Indiana” and a news release from the ACLU says the rally will be “to demand that state lawmakers keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible in Indiana”.

Legislators are to begin their three-week special session in which Republicans have introduced a bill to ban abortion with a few exceptions, including rape, incest and if the life of the mother is in danger.

State senators Jean Breaux and Shelli Yoder are scheduled speakers, as are representatives Carey Hamilton and Maureen Bauer.

Rima Shahid with Indiana’s Women4Change, said she expects thousands of people based on the turnout at previous rallies, one the day after the Dobba decision, with about 5,000 Hoosiers and another party with about 2,500 people.

LISTEN: Rima Shahid with Women4Change, talks about the Monday rally

“I’ve seen social media posts where people are driving down from different parts of the state,” she said in a Sunday night interview.

Shahid said she hopes state lawmakers will listen to their point of view.

“I really hope that our lawmakers will see how many Hoosiers, how many of their constituents don’t want to pass a ban like SB1,” she said. “That it will move them to redirect the course that they’re on just put an end to this.”

The session begins at 11. The rally begins at 11:30.