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Jacksonville, Florida has a little problem: it smells bad.

But fret not, Osmophobia sufferers. Hope is on the horizon.

Last week, odor monitoring devices were installed as part of a city-funded study by environmental consultant company and bad smell detection experts, Envirosuite.

Their Mission: Find out where that ‘noxious’ odor is originating.

The first device went up in Boone Park in Avondale Thursday morning.

The city of Jacksonville’s Environmental Quality Division is installing 13 devices in areas that get a high number of odor complaints. They’ll be in neighborhoods and near facilities that could be emitting the odor.

What Does This Mean For Jacksonville Residents?

Don’t fart in the city limits. Big brother is monitoring your every emission. That’s right. Another one of life’s simple pleasures ruined by a meddling bureaucracy.

Did You Know?

If your city smells like butt, it can have a negative impact on property values.

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