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The insufferable Don Lemon of CNN has a special superpower: Load him up with a couple of drinks and he becomes almost watchable.

Consider the events of New Year’s Eve, 2022. Wait. Or is it New Year’s Eve 2021? I always get confused about that. Is it the year that you’re welcoming or the year that you’re leaving behind? Screw it, that’s not the purpose of this blog post.

Don Lemon is a TV host and a self-proclaimed “grown-ass man” – pronouns are “he” and “him” – according to his inspiring New Year’s Eve drunkalog Friday night on CNN.

Don and CNN were there as an alternative viewing option for those who can’t stomach watching New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest –  a program that would vastly improve if hosted by Dick Clark again (even in the condition he’s in now).

So Donny swallowed a couple of drinks on camera, pressed his mic to his lips, and recited this spur-of-the-drunken-moment monologue to cherish for the ages:

Touching stuff.

Check out the look of utter “please shut up” horror on his co-host’s face:

A screen capture shows Don Lemon's co-host begging him to stop talking.

Screen Capture: Twitter

Where have I seen that look before?

Yep, that’s it.

To be fair, it’s not like this is the most humiliating thing Don has done while mentally lubricated with the Devil’s drink.

Don’s buddy, Andy Cohen, had too much to drink Friday night too. Mock n’ Rob have that audio in the clip below.