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Lucky travelers got an early look last week at Southwest Airlines’ new “Let’s Go Brandon” design theme for the 2022 political season.

The planes feature the airlines’ traditional bold color scheme of red, white, lots of blue, and a smidgeon of cheddar cheese yellow with “Let’s Go Brandon” emblazoned across the base of the fuselage.

The design was inspired by a Southwest pilot’s use of the anti-Biden phrase over a plane’s public address system last week.

The Associated Press, which had a notorious tattletale on board the flight, whined to sympathetic and equally weak-minded readers of the incident, which occurred on a Friday flight from Houston to Albuquerque.

The pilot “ended his typical greeting to passengers with the phrase ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ which has become right-wing code for ‘F**k Joe Biden,’ the shaken reporter wrote.

Last week, the union representing United Airlines (UAL) pilots said in a memo obtained by former news network CNN that the in-flight radiofrequency is generally meant for transmissions that are less triggering to persons of the liberal persuasion such as: “Brace for impact!”

Southwest said they will officially begin rolling out their newly designed planes just ahead of the 2022 midterm election.

“I mean, look,” the airline’s chief designer said in a statement. “Some people might be a little offended, but based on Joe Biden’s latest polling numbers, it’s bound to be an extremely small number – like maybe three or four.”

“And anyway,” he continued, “what are liberals doing riding around on airplanes? Why don’t them tree-huggin’ hippies ride bikes if they care so much about the environment?”

*Please Note: Portions of the above blog entry are true – especially the part about liberals being crybabies.