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The Hammer and Nigel Show shared an uplifting tale Thursday about a Georgia woman who discovered the giant “booger” she removed from her nose was actually a bead that had been lodged there for two decades. A TikTok video of the woman’s story was played on the air for the benefit of happy listeners everywhere.


Sadly, joyous laughter turned to tragedy when the story prompted young Jason Hammer to open his heart and tell the popular story of the time he shoved Cocoa Puffs up his nose, forcing his quick-thinking mom to “crunch” them in his nose. Hammer was then able to blow tasty chocolate boogers from his nose.

Both stories were considered uplifting tales of triumph and inspiration by listeners. Sadly, Sir Nigel has a sensitive gag reflex. As a result, he threw up on the air.

We captured that magic moment to you to enjoy for generations. Click below. Gag warning.