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STATEWIDE — The Indiana Destination Development Corporation is inviting you to go on their Tenderloin Lovers Trail this month, as part of their celebration of “Porktober.”

It’s one of 21 different culinary trails that showcases the best places to eat around the state, like the best pizza places or ice cream shops. But this month, they’re focusing on restaurants with the best tenderloins.

“We have 3,000 pork producers in the state of Indiana, and what better way to celebrate pork than in porktober, where we really talk about the breaded pork tenderloin,” Elaine Bedel, the CEO of the Indiana Destination Development Corporation, told Inside Indiana Business. “We’ve got 70 different restaurants on our trail that will put their own little secret ingredient to it, so each of them might be a little different, but they’re all delicious.”

Bedel says the purpose of the culinary trails is to help support local restaurants and communities that are looking to agritourism to help jump-start their economies after the pandemic.

The Indiana Pork Producers Association will be giving $1,000 to each of the top five restaurants that have the most check-ins this month.

You can check out a map of the tenderloin trail, or the other 20 culinary trails, by going to