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FRANKLIN, Ind.–Hackers are now demanding money from Johnson Memorial Health in Franklin after shutting down its online network with a cyberattack.

The hospital administration says they received a ransom request from the hackers, but they have not paid it.

They say healthcare and data for its patients have not been compromised. Since the computers are down, the staff at the hospital is using papers and pens to write everything down and using copiers a lot more than they normally do.

Surgeries and appointments are continuing as normal, but registration for those is taking longer than usual because they are not using computers.

Ambulances are also being diverted from the emergency room to lessen the load on workers.

The FBI and local police are working on the case.

Johnson Memorial is the third hospital system hit by a cyberattack in the last few months in Indiana.

Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis and Schneck Medical Center in Seymour have also been dealing with cyberattacks, even though they’ve all invested millions in cybersecurity.