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WASHINGTON–Senator Mike Braun said Tuesday he will vote no on any plan to raise the debt ceiling, even to keep America from defaulting for the first time.

“Democrats want a blank check to inject trillions of dollars of federal government into our lives, and I will not vote to help them by raising the debt limit,” Tweeted Braun.

If Congress does not vote to raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. could be in a position where the national bills cannot be paid, causing a default. The debt ceiling is currently at $28.5 trillion.

He later said on Newsmax TV that he believes Republicans will stand strong on that stance.

“I believe Republicans have had an epiphany,” he said. “I do think we are gona stand strong on not being part of raising a debt limit, regardless of the mechanism.”

Braun said he believes Congress has spent too much money, even the $4 trillion spent in bipartisan bills last year to help America out of the economic trouble caused by COVID-19. Braun, who has consistently been against spending he considers to be excessive, said he believes Democrats will do their best to make any spending package look attractive.”

“I am worried they’ll start trying to horse trade more money for defense,” he said, adding that Democrats might use items that Republicans “generally get weak-kneed on.”

He said Democrats should have to “shoulder entirely” raising the debt ceiling, if it happens.