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In the contest for the world’s worst parent, this woman falls somewhere between Joan Crawford of “Mommie Dearest” fame and balloon boy’s daddy, Richard Heene.

Meet ‘Mommy Blogger’ Jordan Cheyenne.  

Cheyenne is a fame-hungry moron who amassed a following of 537,000 subscribers on YouTube by exploiting her eight-year-old son.

Cheyenne also dabbles in helping other fame-hungry morons boost their social media followings and monetize their audience.

Earlier this week, Cheyenne posted a video in which she tearfully claimed the family had adopted a puppy who had contracted parvovirus.

Unfortunately for Cheyenne, the fame-hungry moron, she accidentally included footage of her encouraging her son to pose with her for a thumbnail.

“Come closer,” Cheyenne says in the video. “Put your head right here. Act like you’re crying.”

The boy replies, “I am crying,” as she continues to instruct him on how to position his face and hands.

Here’s the stomach-churning video:

Yeah, she’s vile.

Mock n’ Rob took Cheyenne down a few pegs on today’s “Speedround.”