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It looks like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un dropped a few pounds!

Wow! Simply an amazing transformation!

How did he do it? Was it diet and exercise, a severe illness, or recurring nightmares about President Joe Biden doing that creepy whispering thing?

North Korean state media (controlled by Kim Jong Un) claims the North Korean people (controlled by Kim Jong Un) fear the worst!

“Oh no! Kim Jong Un looks so thin! I hope he’s not sick with a terminal disease,” said no one ever.

Keep in mind, the same North Korean state media reported in 2017 that ‘the Supreme Leader’ climbed a 2,700m tall mountain in slacks and a pair of loafers. In other words, their credibility is somewhere on par with the National Enquirer.

Two recent clips shown on Korea Central Television have supposedly caused concern about Kim Jong Un.

One clip showed him arriving for a concert little a little thinner than usual.

A second clip showed a Pyongyang citizen who told Central TV on Friday’s main news: “Seeing [Tubby] become emaciated like that, we all became so sad. Everyone just started to cry,” he said.

Once again, we’d like to stress the following photo in response to the Pyongyang citizen’s worries:

Random Thought: Wouldn’t it be something if Kim Jong Un outlived President Joe Biden?

Hammer and Nigel will have more updates on the Supreme Leader’s ‘dramatic’ weight loss on today’s show.