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Rocker and filmmaker Rob Zombie announced on social media Tuesday that he’s leading an effort to reboot classic 1960s series “The Munsters” as his next film project.

“Attention Boils and Ghouls!” Zombie wrote on Instagram. “The rumors are true! My next film project will be the one I’ve been chasing for 20 years! THE MUNSTERS!”

Zombie directed two Halloween reboot films in the 2000s so he’s arguably the right man for the job. But do modern-day audiences really want to see another reboot of a classic television series?

Let’s take a journey through reboot history with a thrilling game of “Massive Hit or Full Pantload” in order to properly assess whether this reincarnation of “The Munsters” is destined for greatness.

“Knight Rider”

NBC hired Val Kilmer to voice the robot car K.I.T.T. for the 2008 reboot of “Knight Rider.”

Okay, I think we can stop right there on our examination of this one.

H&N Rating: Full Pantload


The original TV 1960s series was a major hit about a sorceress, “Samantha,” who marries “Darrin,” a mortal everyman, and chooses to be a suburban housewife rather than practice witchcraft.  After several years of marriage, “Darrin” is replaced by an entirely different man without “Samantha” even noticing despite the fact that ‘new Darrin’ looks nothing like ‘old Darrin.’ Now that’s a damn plot twister, folks!

The 2005 “Bewitched” reboot was about a struggling actor (Will Ferrell) rebooting the original sitcom, and hiring a costar (Nicole Kidman) who turns out to be a real witch. Not only was Will Ferrell’s portrayal of his character insufferable to witness, but the writers further punished the viewer by failing to replace Ferrel at the midpoint in the film. That’s right, we were stuck with Ferrell for the entire movie! Look, we loved Anchorman, but “Bewitched?”

H&N Rating: Full Pantload

“Charlie’s Angels”

From 1976 to 1981, America drooled on their televisions and had fantasies about “Charlie’s” stable of super hot babes going on missions to help save the world. That Farrah Fawcett swimsuit poster destroyed more marriages than “Ashley Madison.”

The 2011 reboot? Here’s the publicity teaser that producers used:

The series was so bad that it didn’t even make it past seven episodes.

H&N Rating: Full Pantload

“Melrose Place”

We didn’t like that series the first time around. Why in the hell would we want to see a reboot?

H&N Rating: Full Pantload

“Magnum P.I.”

In the 1980s, Tom Selleck and his mustache were a couple of the biggest stars on television. The mystery-of-the-week plot, the Hawaiian backdrop, Selleck’s sasquatch-esque body hair, and bright red Ferarri were a major hit for CBS.

The new “Magnum P.I.” was like low-rent “Mission: Impossible.” Even worse, star Jay Hernandez has no mustache and we suspect he shaves his chest as well!

H&N Rating: Full Pantload

“The Odd Couple”

We didn’t even know there WAS a reboot!

H&N Rating: Full Pantload

So now Rob Zombie is rebooting “The Munsters.” Well, we wish him the best of luck. The odds are certainly stacked against him if history is any guide.

Actually, we wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot of Miami Vice if it stars Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. Who do we talk to about that? Lord knows Philip Michael Thomas could use the work.