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A suspicious package arrived at the WIBC studios Thursday morning. The intended recipients? “Mock and that other guy.”

That “other guy,” of course, is Rob Kendall.

Now understand, an unrequested package intended for Rob Kendall is always a cause for tremendous concern at the palatial Emmis Communications Headquarters at 40 Monument Circle. As a result, there is a strict safety protocol that must be adhered to prior to opening.

FBI agents completed their investigation at approximately 8:16 AM and gave the “OK.”

Nervously, Mock slowly opened the box (because Rob was too afraid to do it himself) and behold, a most glorious sight: delicious Long’s Donuts.

But who sent these delightful, fluffy, glaze-covered rings of fried dough? And why?

It was soon revealed that the sender was none other than Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita. As a result, we were forced to follow the WIBC safety protocol for unsolicited foods that might be poisoned.

Just kidding, there’s no safety protocol. We just made Producer Jacob eat one first and waited to see if he would fall to the floor, writhing in pain and foaming at the mouth.

The donuts were fine, and we devoured them immediately.

Still, the question remained: “Why would Todd Rokita send us donuts?”

Could this kind gesture be an acknowledgment of our full-throated roars of support for Rokita standing up to our governor’s unbridled lust for power over Indiana residents and businesses?

Is the ice beginning to melt between Mr. Rokita and Rob Kendall, “The Other Guy?” Could they become… ‘frenemies?’

More importantly, could this historic Long’s Donut Peace Treaty lead to an appearance by Mr. Rokita on the show?