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(INDIANAPOLIS) — Ascension St. Vincent Hospital has announced a $325 million

expansion of its main campus on Indy’s north side.

The St. Vincent Women’s Hospital will move four blocks north to a new six-story building on the

main campus, connected to St. Vincent’s Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. The new building

will have 109 private rooms and a neonatal intensive care unit.

Neonatologist Taha Bensaad says research shows babies with critical needs do better when their

mothers can be with them under the same roof. He says the new unit will be a “home away from

home,” and enable parents to take a more active role in conferring with doctors about the course

of treatment.

St. Vincent will also build a new brain and spine hospital. Neurosurgeon Jean-Pierre Mobasser

says an aging population has meant increasing demand for neuroscience procedures, while the

technological advances in the field can be more easily accommodated in a new building than by

retrofitting the existing hospital.

St. Vincent is also adding equipment at its cancer center and expanding parking. Construction

will begin in July, with the two new units scheduled to open in 2023.