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Piers Morgan made his first television appearance since quitting Good Morning Britain. Morgan walked off the set during an on-air argument around disbelieving Megan Markle’s claims in her interview with Oprah last month.

Morgan told Tucker Carlson on Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson Today, that he was forced to quit after the studio tried to force an apology for his opinion.

“I was basically corralled into a position where I was told ‘you either apologize for effectively disbelieving Megan Markle’s personal events here or your position is terminal and you have to leave.’ My gut was saying, I’m going to be damned if I was going to apologize for something that I believe and I wasn’t going down that road. I’ve seen too many people when they’re bullied by the ‘woke brigade’ into apologizing.

He gives Sharon Osborne as a prime example. Osborne was forced to issue an apology after publicly defending her friend.

Piers also mentions in the interview that unbeknownst at the time, Megan Markle personally contacted executives after Morgan’s walk-off. He admitted that he did not know for certain if she was asked for his termination, even if that’s what he believes was her intent.

Craig Collins, on Tony Katz and the Morning News, says there is a bigger issue than if Morgan was right about his accusations.

“The argument isn’t whether is he wrong or right, that doesn’t matter. If he has an opinion and gave his opinion on a television station that pays him to give his opinions, what did he do wrong? …When we start censoring our thoughts we get into some bad worlds…the ability to think and the ability to articulate our thoughts are the most fundamental rights this country has and certainly ones that should be afforded to every single person in media that’s paid to give an option.”

Regardless if you like or agree with Piers Morgan, the position he was put in raises the concern of free speech within media.