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CARMEL, Ind. — Three people are facing charges in connection to the murder of a Carmel man back in January.

On Jan. 18, Carmel police found Francis Kelley, 46, dead inside his home on 1400 Howe Drive. A forensic pathologist determined Kelley was strangled to death, and that he had fentanyl in his system when he died.

Carmel police announced Thursday that they have arrested three people in connection to Kelley’s death: Heidi Littlefield, 41, of Sheridan; her daughter, Logan Runyon, 22, of Englewood, Ohio; and Runyon’s boyfriend, Robert Walker, 29, also from Englewood.

Littlefield is Kelley’s ex-girlfriend, and they have a child together.

Walker was arrested on March 23 due to a warrant for his arrest in Ohio. When brought in for questioning, Walker told investigators he “knew everything.”

According to Walker, Littlefield paid him $2,500 to hire someone to kill Kelley, but he never did. So, Littlefield and Runyon took matters into their own hands and put fentanyl in Kelley’s oatmeal. Later, the two found Kelley unresponsive after eating the oatmeal — but he was still breathing.

The two then strangled Kelley to death.

Littlefield and Runyon face charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Walker faces two counts of conspiracy to commit murder.