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There was a time in our nation’s history when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was universally hailed as the worst person possible to speak on the behalf of the Biden administration.

Americans relentlessly mocked Psaki for her catchphrase, “circle back.”

They stood in awe of her gift for answering questions about the President’s doggies and kitty cat with a straight face while simultaneously ignoring explosive accusations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Yes, they marveled at her ability to take a blazing Biden public relations fire and pour enough gasoline upon it to cause a nationwide spike in prices at the pump.

But fame is fleeting, and Americans are fickle folk.

Enter Biden official Roberta Jacobson, America’s new “It Girl.”

For a time, Jacobson observed from a distance as Jen Psaki hogged all the glory for punching holes in the credibility and trust of the Biden administration. But on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, Jacobson stared her fellow teammate in the eye and said, “Hold my beer, you Peppermint Patty look-a-like freak!”

Moments later, Jacobson stood before a crowd of White House reporters and openly admitted that her boss, Joe Biden, is fully to blame for the crisis at the southern border.

“How so?” you ask. According to Roberta Jacobson, the new “Jan Brady,” Biden’s compassionate heart is to blame.

That’s right. Joe’s compassionate immigration policies are why migrant children are crammed into cages like sardines in much higher numbers than under President Trump.

Jacobson couldn’t stop there, however. After all, one public misstep on the national stage doesn’t make a disastrous legacy, and she doesn’t have a catchphrase of her own to compete with Psaki.

But Jacobson is no quitter. What to do? Open her mouth and let the verbal blunders fly like feces from a gaggle of rabid circus chimps!

“What is the Biden administration doing right NOW to fix the border crisis?” a reporter asked.

Focusing on the long-term, Jacobson replied.

Then for her grand finale, Jacobson zeroed in on the heart of the matter by referring to the border crisis in the most specific way possible: “whatever you call it.”

Quality demolition work, Roberta Jacobson! What a splendid way to commemorate President Joe Biden’s 50th day in office.

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