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Biden’s administration had several goals for their first 100 days in office. As of Tuesday, one of those orders has been blocked by a federal judge.

On the day Biden was inaugurated a 100-day pause on the removal of certain non-citizens was issued to the Homeland Security Department. The pause was to give the administration time to review policies and practices throughout the department.

Rob Kendall, who filled in for Tony Katz Wednesday morning, says the 100 day pause is Anti-American.

“What sort of message does that send to law abiding, tax paying, honest, hard working Americans? Be they white, black, brown…You have people you know who are in this country illegally and say ‘Eh, we’re just not going to send them back for 100 days.’ That is one of the most anti-American things you could possibly do.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton agrees. Paxton requested a temporary restraining order against Homeland Security last Friday. The attorney general believes the state of Texas would “suffer imminent and irreparable harm.”

Tuesday Federal Judge Drew Tipton approved a two week nationwide injunction, suspending Biden’s deportation moratorium.

According to a recent ICE report, there are a little over 14,000 people in immigration detention centers in the country.