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PLAINFIELD, Ind.–The Plainfield Police Department says they have a new four-legged crime fighter.

Her name is Newt. She’s a boxer mix. Officers say she was a victim of animal cruelty and her previous owner has been convicted of several criminal charges.

In April 2023, investigators say Newt and another dog were rescued from their difficult situation and rushed to the veterinary ICU where their lives were saved.

Newt was noticed by police K9 handler Rob Prichard as having certain qualities that could make her a candidate for the PPD’s unique canine program.

“Newt showed tremendous potential to be both a gun detection and a therapy dog. This unique combination is perfect for a dog to work along-side a School Resource Officer (SRO). Plainfield Police then took steps to adopt Newt to provide her a new home. The school resource officer program and partnership already established between the Plainfield Community School Corporation and the Town of Plainfield would take the next step with adding Newt to the public safety team. Plainfield Community School Corporation Middle School SRO, Josh Jellison, had been selected previously to be a canine handler and was a perfect match for Newt,” said Plainfield Police Department Deputy Chief Joe Aldridge in a Wednesday news release.

After several weeks of training, Newt and Officer Jellison graduated last Friday. That means Newt is now both a therapy and gun detection dog.

“Newt will have the opportunity to reassure children who have been victimized – a living testament to the ability to overcome adversity. Who better to help the victims of crime than someone that has been one herself. Newt is a story of resiliency, triumph and compassion. Her life will now be one of bringing smiles to faces at the school and the community, helping keep students safe. She has already been making a difference this week in the Plainfield Schools,” said Aldridge.

Jellison and Newt will be formally recognized at the Plainfield Police Commissioner meeting Thursday April 4 at 6 pm.

1. A Closeup of Newt

A Closeup of Newt Source:Plainfield Police Department

Newt has completed a 120-hour course on gun detection and will also be a fully registered therapy dog. boxer,police,k9,newt

2. Newt Taking Another Photo with Plainfield Police Officers

Newt Taking Another Photo with Plainfield Police Officers Source:Plainfield Police Department

Newt is now certified as a therapy dog and a gun detection dog. boxer,police,k9,newt

3. Newt Visiting with Some Kids

Newt Visiting with Some Kids Source:Plainfield Police Department

A photo of Newt enjoying making new friends. boxer,police,k9,newt

4. Newt is a boxer mix

Newt is a boxer mix Source:Plainfield Police Department

This is a photo of Newt with a K9 handler. boxer,police,k9,newt