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Important Blue Heron Safety PSA:

Growing fears of contracting Coronavirus in the supermarket aisle combined with skyrocketing prices for wild-caught fish are prompting stately Blue Herons to consume gator meat as a low-cost alternative.

Gator meat is high in protein, paleo-friendly, and readily available throughout the state of Florida.

The Blue Heron Foundation for Better Nutrition recommends at least 2-3 servings of gator meat per week as part of a balanced diet, but it does carry some risks if obtained from a non-reputable source.

Wildlife officials encourage herons to only consume wild-caught, fresh-water gators and avoid purchasing processed gator meat from unlicensed dealers. Many of these so-called “convenience gator” meats could be laced with deadly synthetic opioids, like fentanyl.

The BHFDA estimates that at least 1-in-5 processed gators contain enough fentanyl to render an average-sized Heron unconscious within minutes and in immediate need of emergency medical assistance. Deaths are increasingly common.

Don’t become a Heron statistic.

Also, check out this Blue Heron swallowing an alligator whole:

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