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Beloved broadcaster and national treasure “Mock” of the “Mock and Rob Show” has Coronavirus.

As a result, the woman who was once voted “most likely get mauled while attempting to pet a zoo chimp” has been forced to self-quarantine for the next 72 hours.

Question: Who Gave Mock The Coronavirus?

Answer: Just like all blessings flow from Heaven, all cases of Coronavirus flow from Wuhan, China. But she probably got it while she was in the hospital with her son.

Question: Are You Sure She Didn’t Get It From Rob?

Answer: Mock has Coronavirus – not Herpes.

Question: How did Mock find out she had it?

Answer: She took a rapid results test.

Question: How long did it take to get the results from her ‘rapid results’ test?

Answer: Several days.

Question: Is she going to die?

Answer: Eventually, yes, but not from Coronavirus (probably).

Question: Did Mock give the virus to anyone else?

Answer: Probably. Mock traveled through several Southern states just prior to feeling sick, so any “spikes” in South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, or Indiana within the next 72 hours are her fault.

Question: Are You SURE she didn’t get it from Rob?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can she at least TRY to give it to Rob?

Answer: We’ll look into it.

Question: Can she attempt to give it to Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett?

Answer: We’ll look into that first.

Question: Where can I find the Corn Flakes?

Answer: Aisle 7.

Question: How do I learn more?

Answer: Listen to the segment below.