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A new wave of lockdowns and business closings were announced in Europe last week following a sudden rise in coronavirus infections there and in the U.S.

In Germany Friday, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a four-week shutdown of bars, restaurants, and theaters, warning the country “must act, and now, to avoid an acute national health emergency.”

French President Emmanuel Macron has already enacted new lockdown measures in his country, and Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, and Greece have all imposed restrictions such as curfews and mandatory mask-wearing.

Meanwhile, Madrid and other parts of Spain have banned all but essential travel in and out of their regions, according to the AP.

Many health experts in the U.S. are calling for the same precautions to be taken here in the states.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, considered the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, sparked outrage and a rubuke from President Donald Trump with his comments Friday that the U.S. is headed “for a whole lot of hurt.”

“All the stars are aligned in the wrong place as you go into the fall and winter season, with people congregating at home indoors,” Dr. Fauci said in an interview. You could not possibly be positioned more poorly.”

Fauci spoke as the U.S. set a new daily record Friday with more than 98,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Businesses, workers, and families in Indiana and across the country are still struggling to recover from the first wave of Coronavirus lockdowns, and a fragile domestic economy is ill-prepared for another round of such measures.

WIBC host Tony Katz has been clear from the beginning that lockdowns do more harm than good.


“Lockdowns do not keep anyone safer; lockdowns kill. Lockdowns lead to drug abuse, domestic abuse, depression, and suicides.

“Lockdowns are what you do to control prisoners, and I oppose solitary confinement. We are not prisoners; we are free men and free women in a free society, and there are still governors and mayors who think for our own good that we can be locked down. 

“You have to fight back. The people who are in hospitals today are not dealing with the same level and types of Coronavirus that we were dealing with in the beginning. We know much more about it; the virus itself has changed, and we’re able to fight it better. 

“Coronavirus in and of itself is not a death sentence. Young people in good health have no reason to lock themselves down, and the people who say otherwise are wrong – including the doctors.”

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