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INDIANAPOLIS — Darrah Lewis was with her cousin Taysia Williams the day she was born, and she was with her hours before she died.

“She didn’t get to create a life of her own before it was taken from her,” said Lewis.

Williams was shot and killed Friday morning at an apartment complex near 42nd Street and Brentwood. Her friend Liberty Carnell was with her in the car when she was shot.

Carnell told WISH-TV the man looked like a security guard. He came up to them, shined a light inside the car, and began shooting. She says he never told them to get out of the car or to put their hands up.

“I watched that man murder my friend, for no reason at all,” Carnell said.

She said two other people were with the security guard and kept her from helping Williams once she had been shot. She said two women pointed a gun at her from in front and behind her.

Indy Metro Police say the security guard has been detained, and that he was a private security guard with no law enforcement ties, and was contracted by an area housing complex.

Police say someone set a security guard’s car on fire, and the Indianapolis Fire Department to put out the flames. No one else was hurt.

A vigil was held for Williams on Friday, where Lewis said death happens way too often in her community, and she wants to see change.

“I’ve lost eight people I grew up with, and nobody talks about them anymore, and it’s not their fault; it just happens so frequently,” she said.

Lewis told WISH-TV’s Demie Johnson she hopes that isn’t the case for her cousin, Taysia.

“Don’t let her die for nothing; just please don’t let her die for nothing.”