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Neurosurgeon and CNN lapdog Sanjay Gupta is using his mouth to say dumb stuff again.

Gupta, who famously looked at a picture of Donald Trump 2018 and immediately diagnosed him as suffering from heart disease, told CNN’s Chris “Fredo” Cuomo Monday night that he believes there was a “strategic” and “deliberate” attempt by President Trump to minimize the perceived impact and severity of the Coronavirus pandemic by slowing the speed of testing.

Dr. Quackface’s theory was put forth upon news that the U.K. was rolling out new 90-minute COVID-19 tests this week that can detect coronavirus and flu.

“Look at the U.K. We’ll discuss it later in the show with [inaudible] from Harvard who is taking a look at it. How do they get these rapid tests?” CNN host Chris Cuomo began his segment. “How are they getting it done in 90 minutes? Is the U.K. so much better than us? Is there some science that’s proprietary? I mean, couldn’t we be buying up those kinds of tests right now, doc?”

“We should have been developing this ourselves, Chris. And you talked about this early on, there was a strategic, I think, method to minimizing this by not testing,” Gupta claimed. “Sad to say, but I think that’s the truth now, you sort of suggested that early on and I thought, maybe we’re just behind. But I think it was deliberate now at this point to not test, because it would make things look bad, we should have had significant breakthroughs in antigen testing by now.”

Good hypothesis, Doc!

In other news, Johns Hopkins University & Medicine says “the U.S. has conducted more COVID-19 tests than any other country.” 

Whoopsy Poopsy!

A Quackface to Remember:

Sweet memory just came to mind. Remember when Dr. Quackums – neurologist to the doomed – demonstrated his medical powers of excellence by failing to properly read a simple X-Ray?

Okay, so Sanjay’s not big on inconsequential details like facts and how to read X-Rays. That doesn’t mean he’s a completely worthless doctor. His patients report that he has a very fine bedside manner. Take that, critics!

Also, listen to the Hammer and Nigel Show. The following clip is available for your convenience. Point. Click. Listen. Laugh.