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Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, continued her online attack on her parents last week, live-streaming a confrontation with her mother on TikTok and telling her father she was “sorry [his] marriage failed.”

Claudia, who clearly needs to be grounded, possibly spanked, and definitely disinherited, has made news of late for her anti-Trump views and support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Apparently not content with the embarrassment she’s already caused to her parents, however, Claudia recently upped her game and is going on the direct assault against her folks.

The Video Assault:

In a video posted to the Daily Mail last week, Claudia’s mother is shown trying to shut off her daughter’s phone and telling her to delete her social media accounts.

“You can get back to it, turn it off,” Kellyanne says in the video. “Turn it off now lady.”

“No I’m not ok thanks guys though,” Claudia replies to commenters, ignoring her mother.

“Also she keeps insulting my mental health,” Claudia adds.

“I’m just showing everyone the truth, you’re literally not letting me use my freedom of speech.”

Fun Fact: Children don’t have freedom of speech.

Kellyannne then inexplicably refrains from smack the phone out of Claudia’s bratty little teenage hands and weakly responds that she “can use her freedom of speech but daddy just wants you to shut it off because not everyone who follows you is well-meaning.”

‘That many people have nothing to do? That’s amazing, it’s so nice out,” Kellyanne then asks, looking at the number of viewers on Claudia’s stream.

The screen then suddenly goes black with a message saying the host is away as Claudia is heard shouting “Mom, what are you doing” and Kellyanne responds, “It’s mine.”

The Attempt at an Effective Solution:

George Conway attempted to intervene and prevent further embarrassment to the family by instructing journalists to “desist” from communication with their daughter.

“To journalists: @kellyannepolls and I do *not* consent to any communications between you and any of our minor children, including our daughter Claudia,” he tweeted Friday.

Claudia replied: “You’re just mad that I’m finally getting my voice heard. sorry your marriage failed.”

Claudia Conway’s Twitter account has been “padlocked” since the above tweet was posted. The account is now private and accessible only to followers.

A TRULY Effective Solution:

I don’t want to pass judgment on the Conway’s parenting style, but you think this kind of crap would have happened in Joan Crawford’s home? Not a chance. Joan would have grabbed a wire hanger from the closet and whacked some gentle but firm discipline into her child and elicited an “I love you, Mommy Dearest!” from her quivering teenage lips.

Daisy and Rob discuss the Conway family drama in the clip below.

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