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INDIANAPOLIS — After three days of 90-degree weather, Indiana is in a heat wave.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jason Puma says that heat is going to last all week, with chances of rain and thunderstorms every afternoon.

However, Puma says, these storms will be the usual storms that normally happen after daytime heating.

In addition, Puma says, the heat index, which measures both heat and humidity, indicates that the combination of both throughout the course of this week will result in some muggy, uncomfortable weather.

Puma adds that, during a heat wave, the most vulnerable populations are the elderly, young children and people who work outside for long periods of time.

“You’ll want to just watch your outdoor activity, make sure you stay hydrated, remember to drink lots of water, use sunscreen when you’re outside, and remember to take some breaks and spend some time in air conditioning,” Puma said.