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Remember when people still liked Ellen DeGeneres?  What happened? She can’t catch a break for anything – especially from ultra-woke folk.

Case in point: Ellen’s recent tweet in support of minorities and condemnation of George Floyd’s murder has been deemed ‘offensive’ for her use of the term ‘People of Color.’

DeGeneres, sporting exceptionally large ears, posted a video this week urging her fans to spread love.

Ultra Woke Folk Rating: Acceptable. “Ellen remains in the club.”

That message was accompanied by a pair of tweets advocating for people to donate to worthwhile causes to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ultra Woke Folk Rating: Acceptable. “Ellen, you were recently accused of being arrogant and rude to people and mistreating your staff. Let it be known forevermore that you are absolved of your sins.”

“Like so many of you, I am angry and I am sad,” DeGeneres wrote, according to screenshots.

Ultra Woke Folk Rating: Acceptable. “Hey, did you hear Ellen is a vegetarian and she’s gay? She knows what it’s like to be marginalized and face bigotry. You know, I just like her more and more these days.”

“People of color in this country have faced injustice for far too long,” Ellen continued.

Ultra Woke Folk Rating: “GET HER!”

Ellen’s message was intended to foster unity, of course, but her Ellen’s went batcrap!

“Black people Ellen not people of color.  #BlackLivesMatter,” one egregiously psychotic fan wrote.

“Not people of color. George Floyd was black. Why are being so cautious? Serious ?” an equally-disturbed follower wrote.

“Black people, Ellen. Now delete,” a third overly-aggressive snowflake from hell wrote.

We’re so old, we remember when it was racist to say “black people” instead of “African-American.”

Mock and “Daisy with genitals” have more in the clip below.

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