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“Where were Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb and Mayor Joe Hogsett in a moment of crisis?”

“Were the police of Indianapolis told to stand down Friday and Saturday night?”

“Why wasn’t the National Guard deployed on Saturday?”

These are the questions that many Hoosiers are asking elected officials to answer in the wake of the violence and destruction that’s been perpetrated in our city.

WIBC’s Tony Katz expressed those same sentiments Tuesday morning:

“I don’t know why those questions aren’t being asked by our media and answered. 

“I don’t care that Governor Holcomb ‘condemns the violence’ – what else is he going to say? 

“Could we grow up a little bit Indianapolis? You are not a sleepy little town; you are a big city with big-city issues and big-city problems that require big-city solutions, leadership, and minds.”

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PHOTO: City zoom meeting