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WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Congressman Greg Pence joined Republican colleagues in filing a lawsuit that says proxy voting is a violation of the Constitution.

“I’m here to vote for you,” said Pence. “Nancy Pelosi is defying the constitution.”

Pelosi’s partisan H. Res. 965, was a resolution passed earlier this month. It changed House Rules to allow proxy voting and remote committee proceedings.

On May 20, Pelosi said that we are in a “covered period” allowing proxy voting.

The lawsuit challenging it in the house says that through events like the Yellow Fever, Spanish Flu, and 9/11, Congress still assembled at the nation’s capital to conduct people’s business.

Seventy-one Democrats have notified the House Clerk, saying they want another member to cast a vote on their behalf.

Pence has said that he believes proxy voting is wrong and illegal. No Republicans have said they intend to have anyone else cast any votes for them.