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Add Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to the list of prominent U.S. businessmen, politicians, and media figures ardently supporting the Chinese government despite the communist nation unleashing a COVID-19 catastrophe upon the global community that’s claimed thousands of lives and financially obliterated millions of American families.

Keep in mind, Bill Gates has extensive experience with unleashing catastrophic viruses upon the global community. Remember the release of Windows NT?

Gates pushed back against allegations that China covered up the new Coronavirus when it emerged in Wuhan in December, telling CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria Sunday that the country, famed for its human rights abuses, “did a lot of things right.”

“That’s a distraction,” Gates told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview. “I think there are a lot of incorrect and unfair things said.”

Gates, who apparently hasn’t read the multiple accounts of how China and the World Health Organization hid the truth about the COVID-19 outbreak for well over a month, quickly pivoted to heaping praise upon the country for being among the nations that quickly moved to ramp up testing for the virus.

“China did a lot of things right at the beginning, like any country where a virus first shows up,” Gates said. “They can look back and say where they missed some things.”

Gates then took a shot at the U.S. for not having large enough testing capabilities when the virus hit.

Editor’s Note: Golly, Bill, I wonder if a head’s up from China and the WHO about the virus when it FIRST was discovered would have impacted our preparedness here in the U.S.?

“Some countries did respond very quickly and get their testing in place and they avoided incredible economic pain and it’s sad that even the U.S., where you would expect to do this well, did this poorly,” he said, crapping on the country that made him a multi-billionaire.

Gates on Sunday said that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has diverted its funds to battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This has the foundation’s total attention,” he told the Financial Times. “Even our non-health-related work, like higher education and K-12, is completely switched around to look at how you facilitate online learning.”

To be fair, it’s understandable that Bill Gates would feel a kinship with China. Both have extensive experience with the theft of intellectual property.

WIBC host Tony Katz reacted to Gates’ comments Monday morning. Click below to check it out:

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