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CNN anchor and prolific hypocrite Don Lemon tore into protesters Monday who are taking to the streets to demand governors reopen their states for business.

“It makes me so angry because every night when I leave this studio and when I come in, there’s an army of people through New York City- an army of immigrants and people of color and poor people who are keeping this city running,” Lemon began his carefully pre-scripted rant.

“They are disinfecting offices, they are cleaning people, they are changing bedpans, and they are working… And those people are out there complaining that they don’t have haircuts? Who the hell do you think you are?!?”

Note to Whitey White Folk of the White Persuasion:  Mr. Lemon feels we would all benefit as a country if we heard a little less from you pale faces  – all of whom are apparently rich, entitled a-holes who don’t have to work for a living and use live-in poor people for footstools while watching Fox News – about your inability to earn a living due to the government-mandated economic depression we find ourselves in.

“And if you’re so upset about it, then you should blame the president,” Don Lemon, moral compass of America and advocate for the oppressed, continued. “Because he’s the one who’s supposed to help your small businesses.”

Learning Made Embarassingly Simple for the Benefit of Don Lemon:

NPR: “Senate Democrats Block GOP Effort To Boost Small-Business Aid”

CNBC: “Senate adjourns until Monday after Democrats block McConnell’s bid to add $250 billion in small business aid”

CBS News: “Senate Democrats block $250 billion expansion of small business loan program”

ABC News: “Senate Democrats block GOP move to provide more money for small businesses”

Fox News: “Dems block McConnell bid to swiftly approve $250B more for small business fun”

New York Daily News: “US Senate Democrats stall small business bailout legislation”

Politico: “Coronavirus rescue package stalls after Democrats defeat key vote”

New York Post: “Democrats need to stop holding small-business help hostage”

Axios: “Trump signs $8 billion emergency coronavirus funding package”

Cud Chewing Welfare Check: Has anyone heard from Nancy Pelosi lately? We hear she’s been working really hard for the benefit of others, but we haven’t seen her in Washington D.C. Is she okay? Is she ailing? Did she fall in the shower and break her face?

Update: Crisis averted! Nancy Antoinette has been located!

We now return to the delusional commentary of CNN mattress stain Don Lemon, shamer of entitled white folk: “You’re slapping the face of the people – the health care workers who put their lives on the line every day because you want a haircut, you want to go play golf- of course, you’re concerned about your business?”

Rules for thee, but not for CNN Anchors: Mr. Lemon failed to admonish fellow CNN anchor and Coronaviurus spreader Chris Cuomo, who announced on March 31 that he had COVID-19, then broke quarantine on Easter Sunday to take his wife and children to look at an undeveloped property in East Hampton, New York.

As noted by Maureen Callahan in the New York Post:

“As lowly New Yorkers continue to heed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s orders to stay indoors, at great personal and economic cost, his sick brother decided there was no better time than Easter Sunday to check out undeveloped property he bought in East Hampton.

“Again: undeveloped property. All unnecessary construction is halted. There was literally no reason for Chris Cuomo to be there.”

Enjoy the Full Don Diatribe:

By the way, who’s cutting Don’s hair? Is that a homemade job? And who’s cutting Tony Katz’s hair these days?

(Photo: Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images)