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Amer Zahr, a Bernie Sanders‘ surrogate, was extremely defensive Wednesday when pressed by “Fox News” host Ed Henry about the Democratic front-runner’s socialist ideas and his comments about the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Sanders is “not making a case for socialism,” said Zahr.

Zahr stated that Sanders has denounced Castro’s dictatorship “at every turn,” adding that labeling the Vermont Senator as a proponent of strict, traditional socialism is wholly inaccurate.

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According to Zahr, Sanders supporters simply believe that poor people should have health care and later adding that the United States should have an “economic bill of rights.”

“The truth is our ideas are popular with the American people — these are progressive ideas. Socialism means a government takeover of the economy of all the means and production — nobody is talking about that. We’re talking about making an economy and having rules — an economic bill of rights to make sure that people are treated fairly and equitably and that’s not what’s happening now.”

But a video that’s emerged from a Sanders campaign rally in Myrtle Beach this week sharply contradicts Zahr’s assurances that the Vermont Senator’s proposals are neither radical nor Socialist in a traditional sense.

“All right, Myrtle Beach! All right. How does it feel to be a bunch of radicals?” asks Florence, South Carolina Mayor Stephen Wukela, prompting cheers of approval from the crowd. “A bunch of revolutionaries? Bunch of socialists here in Myrtle Beach?”

WIBC host Tony Katz commented Thursday on the video of Wukela’s comments.

“Well, they’re not hiding anything, are they? But if they’re not attempting to hide anything, then why are they working so hard to kneecap Bernie Sanders?

“And if the Democrats are attempting to keep Bernie Sanders from securing the nomination, then why are they so accepting of him as a candidate? What’s the point? Is the problem that’s he’s too left or that he’s too honest? Is the problem that he’s letting the cat out of the bag? You tell me. The crowd is cheering socialism. I’m not supposed to notice that?”

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign continues to downplay assertions that several supporters of the Democratic frontrunner are radical revolutionists harboring violent tendencies.

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Again, those were the comments of a field organizer for Bernie Sanders, but they are hardly the words of an individual who supports a free and democratic system of government.

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