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Former Vice President Joe Biden went to bat for his baby boy, Hunter Biden, on “The View” Thursday, saying he’s a “good” guy and calling Republican attacks on him “hurtful.”

Editor’s Note: We now pause 10 seconds for the obligatory eye roll.

“Nobody has said he’s done anything wrong,” the 5th or 6th place 2020 Democratic presidential candidate told the angry liberal hosts of the ABC cluck-fest. 

“This is a guy who has done nothing but good things his whole life, my son. He ran a food program WFP USA, a whole range of things. But look, it’s what it is. We knew [the presidential race] was going to be ugly.”

Biden wife, Jill,  who recently had her finger chewed on by Joe, told the co-hosts that the attacks on her son — who has publicly admitted to drug use and who has been accused of smoking crack at a DC strip club — had “been really hurtful.”

“To hear your son attacked…I expected that Joe would be attacked, but not your children,” she added.

The Chicks on the Right offered no sympathy for the Bidens on today’s show. Click below.

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